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Starting a construction project? Thinking of an extensive home renovation? Interested in receiving professional and reliable information from the best experts in the field? Then there is no doubt that you have reached the right place! Welcome to the Lilo Vaturi website – All That a House Needs!

Our Company was founded by our Grandfather, Lilo Vaturi, as a business of building materials; but throughout the years we have expanded, and today we understand the customers' needs to find everything they need for their home under one roof. We have evolved and opened various departments for each field:


We have been in the building materials business for over 50 years, and have acquired years of experience and expertise with regard to building and renovating homes. We accompany our clients as early as the planning stage and into the final stages of their projects, including consultation and delivery to the client's home – all to save you money and precious time. If you are an architect, contractor, handyman or individuals starting a building project – you have reached the right place.

Having a wide variety to projects under our direction and a clientele of thousands of satisfied customers, can definitely attest to the quality, professionalism and service that we give. As a family business, it is important for us to provide a warm service and to closely accompany each client.

If you are also looking for one place where you can easily find a wide variety of products and quality materials for building or renovation, at reasonable prices, come see, be impressed and depart with the best.

The company’s vision:


Lilo Vaturi Ltd. is a leading and well established company in the field of building materials, which provides solutions and products for all stages of construction – from the initial building phase to the final stages.

Our company has taken the following principles as its motto:

  • Professionalism
  • Warm service with a family atmosphere
  • Affordable prices


The company carries on the vision and legacy of Lilo Vaturi of blessed memory, the founder of the company, who established by the labour of his hands a magnificent company, which began as a small construction materials warehouse.

Over the years under the leadership of his son Nissim – the current company manager – the company widened the scope of its activities, and provides answers and solutions in all areas of construction, including: building materials and paints, plumbing, ceramics, sanitary equipment, waste removal, lumber and wood designs, carpentry services, and more.


The second and third generations in the company, which recently joined the family business, took it upon themselves to continue to lead the company while providing warm and friendly service, a listening ear and personalized advice to all our clients, at reasonable prices suitable for all budgets.


Our vision:

“A professional and caring family business, whose aim is to provide uncompromising quality, excellent service, and a wide range of products and services at fair and affordable prices”

And as we say, and it is not a cliché...

“Lilo Vaturi Ltd. – all that a house needs!”

Lilo Vaturi – about

Lilo Vaturi, the head of the family, founded in the year of 1960 a company that supplied building materials to "Darom" neighborhood in Beer Sheva. In due course his son Nisim joined the company; he developed the business and managed it. As time passed the company acquired high standards of professionalism and expertise in the field of building and renovating houses: starting from raw materials such as cement, gravel and blocks; flooring and ceramics, tiles, roofing and gutters; insularity and sealing products; faucets and bathroom fixtures; kitchens and carpentry supplies; decoration products such as plaster, paint, wood warehouse and metal fixtures. Today the customer can find in Lilo Vaturi Company all his building needs under one roof!

Professionalism in intimate family atmosphere

Lilo Vaturi Company is a stable long-established business that has about 30 employees, part of them third generation since its founding; this entails a family warm atmosphere with personal attitude toward each customer according to his needs. Great importance is being given to a fast efficient service, expertise and mastery of all building issues, and of course professional advice and a variety of solutions for every need.  


The company has the certifications as follows:

- ISO 9001

- Contractors Registrar  - Gimel 1

- Members in the Nevev Industry and Trade Chamber


Planning, accompanying and sticking to a schedule

Lilo Vaturi Company fully considers the customer's needs and his financial abilities. Therefore we ascribe importance to supply quality building materials in affordable prices, advise and accompany the customer from the planning stage to the practical issues, all in a family supportive personal attitude. In addition the company is giving a creative construction and architectural solutions, saving thousands of shekels to the customer during the building process.


Our various departments:

  • Advanced and diverse building materials

  • Innovative and broad showroom for ceramics, faucets and bathroom fixtures

  • Wood department which offers a variety of woods, decks, pergolas, affixing and more

  • Marble processing for kitchen, stairs and more

  • Paint department and shading services

  • Construction waste disposal services

  • Advanced carpentry projects including all carpentry services

  • Projects and entrepreneurial department

  • Professional advice in the company offices as well as through the website


Projects and customers

We have variety of customers including do-it-yourself customers, contractors, architects, designers, renovators, government offices and more.

Our leading projects include: a high-rise building in Neve Zeev, neighborhoods renovations in Beer Sheva, Negev Mall maintenance, Amidar buildings, building residential secure spaces in the Negev area, and more.

Lilo Vatury Company – all the needs for your building project

In Lilo Vatury Company you will find all your needs for your building project, including transporting and construction waste disposal services. You will enjoy a family supportive personal attitude and high guaranty, as well as building materials in affordable prices. The company was founded by experienced people in the field over 50 years ago; today the next generation implements creativity and innovation, to keep the company as an advanced quality business in its area of expertise.

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